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Never had I imagined, that I would see someone who was once so strong
Become so weak.
Seeing him in such pain, makes my heart sink.
I remember the days, when he used to lift us up off the ground, and chase us through the house.
Tickle fights , and games of tag.
He taught us how to tie a fishing hook, and how to drive a boat.
He used to throw us overboard and join us for a swim.
He taught us everything, that is anything important in life.
Taught us how to smile, and enjoy every mile that life had to offer.
Whenever we would cry, or scrape a knee.
He'd hold us and dry our tears.
His hugs were the warmest, and his voice the softest.
I've never seen mother smile, like she does for him.
Love like theirs, I have always admired.
He needs us all now more than ever.
It's sometimes hard to smile, when all we want to do is cry.
But we do whatever we can, to be by his side for the rest of his life til the very end.
To hold his hand like we promised, to always say we love him.
But the
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Well, seeing as I now have my own laptop, once we get an internet connection set up, I should be more active on here and FA.

With this, I should be better able to upload any and all current artwork with my camera.

I'm also going to look into decently priced digital art programs to get installed, any and all advice would be nice. I'll also be getting myself a new tablet, seeing as my previous one was either stolen, or got misplaced in our move somehow. Which, kind of really pisses me off, because I knew where it was..and it's no where to be found.

So my guess is some thief ass punk fucking stole it from me.

This is why I no longer have friends. They break your trust, and steal shit. That and people just suck. Snakes are better, they don't screw you over and steal things. The only thing they've ever stolen from me is my heart, with their cute little faces <3 <3 <3

Anyway!!! I hope to post some things soon, once we get a connection established, I've started afew new projects, and once I post some stuff, I'll open for small commissions, both here and on FA, I advertised there, and so far no luck.

Which is understandable, I wasn't the best at getting things sent out, and well, when my dad passed away I kinda just stopped everything entirely. So, sorry,. I wnt into a two year art block depression, and I'm finally starting to crawl out of that hole.


Cheyenne Peek
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm another wolf artist! Go figure :p. I also make jewlery out of wire of gold,silver,bronze with rough cut gems. I do some photography,mostly portraits and scenery,sometimes macro. I enjoy alot of forms of art. I do alot of personal art,with whatever comes from my head. I don't often do trades,or request. I do whatever the hell I feel like basically :p. Life's rough,and art is my muse. I use it to express myself freely through my creativity, and it always makes me feel better to create beautiful pieces.

Though however, I'm not the most active artist on Da anymore sadly. I spend alot of time doing whatever,and taking care of my art progress is often spread out over months in time.


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Your art is beautiful by the way. Instant-watch :D
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Thank`s a lot for the fav !
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you drew this for me a long time ago.. I put it in my gallery. I still love it and your old Inuyasha art.
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Happy Birthday! : 3
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Happy Birthday :3

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heyyy....I haven't talked to you in like....foreverrr've ya been?
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